Renewing A Fresh Vibe With Customized Toilet Seats

I was cleaning the house yesterday when I discovered that some parts of the house need major changes and makeover. Replacing some pieces of furniture and repainting the walls can be a little expensive. A person like me does not want to spend big fortune in simple things that I think I can personally make. Of course, being a DIYer would also cost me some but definitely not as big as buying brand new things.

So here is how I started, I first made sure that the whole house is clean so that I could see where the places and things needed to be restored or somewhat renewed. I first started on my room of course. The bedding, mattress, and the pillow sheets needed to be cleaned and washed. So I put them on the laundry and then continued on my business.

I also noticed that my room needed some rearrangements because I think that the space has to be maximized. With the help of my brother I rearrange things inside my room. I needed to ask for help though because the things are kind of heavy, and a little assistance would definitely be a great help.

Onto the Living Room

Now here’s the part of the house where I know I couldn’t make much changes because the pieces of furniture are a lot heavier and the arrangement I guess needs the mastery of an Interior designer. So what I only did is cleaning the surfaces and the adding some ornaments to beautify the surrounding. For me, it is always a plus point to have an inviting living room because it is the place where the family gathers, and also the place where the guests are being received. I only arranged and added some pictures and even plants inside for a fresher look.

Onto The Bathroom

From the most enormous place in the house comes most probably the smallest space which is the bathroom. No matter how big your house is, I think everybody would agree to me that it is the bathroom that takes the least space inside the home. Being the smallest place in the house, I find it very easy to make some changes inside the bathroom. But what changes would that actually be? I don’t think I could post all my photos and stuff inside the bathroom, right? But you know, a part of me wants to make it a bit artsy – and so I discovered the customized toilet seats on

If there would be one thing in this place that could be easily replaced and designed, that would be the toilet seat. There are many kinds of this toilet seat that can be bought from shops. I think these are great especially if you want to show your personality even inside your bathroom.

As of the moment, these are the things that I have made change with. If you are also planning to give your home a renewed and refreshed look, you can do these things:

  • Get your materials prepared.
  • Compute the budget should it cost any penny.
  • Know what your personality is.
  • Look for options. Don’t immediately buy expensive products and even the cheapest ones unless quality is proven.

Experience Good Music With Cooking And Turntables

From the old days, turntables are used to produce good music from vinyl. Due to latest advancement in today’s technology, there is new variety of sound appliance available in the market such as: CD players, DVD players, MP3, iPod, and even phones. Turntables have to jump back to the music industry; that’s why most companies have launched improved turntables.

Some people still prefer playing music from turntables to playing music from CD players. I personally belong to this group of people. I still love listening to turntables because it brings classical and relaxing music. That’s why last week, I bought a new turntable. I am actually glad that companies are still making and producing this kind of machine.

I usually play music into it all the time. While cooking, I can listen from the music of my newly bought turntable. It is definitely a new experience for me because I can now listen to my favorite records while doing any household chores. Little did I know that cooking and turntables are such compatible to one another as they make me feel relaxed.

Parts Of A Turntable

To have a better experience with a turntable, it is important to know its basic parts.

Platter – This is the plate where the record sits on. It controls speed while separating the tone arm from vibration.

Tone arm – This stylus-like part holds the needle that touches the platter once the power is turned on.

Head shell – Also located at the tone arm, this part holds the cartridge and helps to balance the tone arm.

Motor – Probably the most important part of the turntable, the motor spins the platter. You can choose between AC motor and DC motor depending on your needs.

Cartridge – Most of the time, turntables have an included cartridge. It is a small component that is connected to the tonearm and helps in holding the stylus in place.

These are just the basic parts of turntables. As I said, manufacturers may out other features due to the advancement of technology.

Thoughts On My New Turntable

My newly bought turntable has definitely met my expectations. It produces high quality sound that can be heard from any corner of the house. I can do other activities and chores while my turntable plays my favorite records. I can also easily make adjustments with minimum effort applied. It is not much complicated as its features are very basic and easy.

I also like the fact that the turntable does not vibrate too much. Excessive vibration may just bring additional noise which I do not like at all. It is also durable and comes with warranty. The design looks modern and sleek. It comes with the look almost the same as modern players but with a greater quality.

Over all, my new turntable has been giving me quality performance since the time I bought it. I haven’t experienced any trouble while playing records. It also doesn’t ruin my records – all of my records are still in very good condition with this turntable.

Can I Lose Weight With Waist Trainers?

14340262656_71a269965b_mFirst of all, every one of us may arrive at an agreement that it is not that easy to lose surplus weight in our body. We would also settle on the fact that achieving our desired body shape is a wee bit challenging today considering the demands of our hectic daily living.

However, thanks to the brilliant minds behind our modern technological advancements they have manage to device an innovative weight control contraption which has the capacity of cutting down your efforts as well as the time of achieving your dream body.

This contraption that we are talking about is a waist trainer. Waist trainers or also known by other people as waist cinchers are considered to be one of the most efficient tools in losing weight ones you have utilized them to nicely. It does not only help you trim down your excess fat in your belly but also efficiently compress your core so as to make it sweat more while in the process of eliminating toxins out of your skin.

Hollywood stars like the reality diva Kim Kardashian are into this innovative way of losing weight. In fact even mothers who are looking into losing the extra weight brought about by pregnancy can use this contraption or shape wear to hide and then later on eliminate the fat in their belly. Furthermore, we just want to set everything in order and express to you on how exactly a waist trainer is suited for losing weight by compressing your core that also assists in excreting toxins in your body through increasing the amount of sweat that you may release.

What’s A Waist Trainer?

According to facts acquired about this weight control contraption, it is made up of either rubber or latex materials for the purpose of constraining your belly or waist which eventually concentrate heat in your core and meltdown any unnecessary fats. And the best part about it is that once you used it you’ll instantaneously see your potential when you are wearing it.

Basically, waist trainers increase your body heat around your abdomen in order to stimulate that part of your body’s sweat glands which in turn burns unwanted calories, proving its effectiveness in burning adipose tissues.

Waist Trainers Compresses Your Abdomen

Waist trainers are excellent for losing weight; they are excellent in forming that fit belly that we all want to have. Due to its tightness on your core, your muscles in your abdomen are contracted allowing excess air in it to flow through your lungs. Regular contraction of your core with the help of waist trainers will allow you to develop your abs just like what a regular workout will give you.  The more frequent you wear it the more you may tone your belly. Based on our experience it does produce impressive results just by wearing it several hours daily.

Increase Sweat

As we all know sweating is healthy for our body. Each time that we work out whether is it in a gym or anywhere that you can perform a vigorous physical activity we always sweat a lot. And boy after an hour or so of doing it we feel energized, invigorated, and our skin starts to get blooming. Furthermore, our skin is a living tissue which breathes through its pores. And just like any parts of our body, pores needs to cleanse every ones in a while. When we take a bath, as much as we want to we cannot reach deep into our pores and get rid of the impurities inside them. The only way of effectively clean it is by regularly sweating.

Getting Rid Of Toxins!

After a spirited regular physical activity and you decided to have a sweat bath you will notice how your sweat smells! There are even instances that you would actually smell some whiff of impurities coming out of it.  Well, the reason behind it is that when you sweat your body automatically release trapped toxins in our body. Sweat baths or sauna’s same capabilities can also be achieve by wearing waist trainers on your waist in order to lose weight while also releasing toxins through your sweat, the only probable difference that they have is that waist trainers are focused on your core.

Pros Vs Cons

Waist Trainers can:

  • Reduce your waist by fourinches making it easier to achieve a figure like that of an hourglass instantly.
  • It has thermal pockets which increases sweating on your abdomenthat helps in burning fatty tissues.
  • It supports body posture and improves back problems.
  • It makes you feel sexier and more confident, even while you are just performing your daily routines.
  • It improves the efficiency of your physical activities, especially in the belly where you want it the most.
  • It doesn’t only make you feel more confident about your figure, but also inspires you to be your finest self, aids you to feel unshakablethat you can overcome anything that you focus your mind to.
  • Minimizes food consumption (some people may see this as a con)

Possible lapses of waist trainers are:

  • Shortness of breath on your first trial.
  • Prickly and difficult to adapt to at first.
  • Your waist can get unpleasantly hot for some people.

Many people tend to rush things through their waist training in their attempt to lose weight instantly. After all waist training is a quick tiny waist fix. Instead of doing that, you must keep in mind to keep it slow and ease your way into your waist training program one step at a time. In order for you to achieve your desired body through your waist training, you must start by wearing a laced corset or latex waist trainer while performing your daily routine. You may also start by putting it on every few hours a day and gradually increase the time of wearing it. Just make sure that you must not wear it too tight on your first try and keep on its slackest hook. Slowly your body will accept and recognize the changes and will help you achieve the shape of your waist that you always wanted.

Must have Kitchen Cooking Tools


If you have finally made up your mind that you will now on cook your food at home, but looking at your kitchen you wonder where to start from. Well, a good place to start from is arranging the right tools for your kitchen. The market is flooded with a huge variety of innovative kitchen appliances that are attractive and useful. For the people like you who want to cook meals for themselves, won’t need these specialized and complicated appliances. All you need is only the very basic set of tools listed here-

Boxes or storage containers

You must store certain grocery items and have to stock the leftovers as well, you will need containers or boxes of different sizes and shapes. It is preferable to get airtight containers to prevent dampness of stored groceries. You can now take your lunch pack along, which is healthy and hygienic.

Knife, Peeler and Cutting board

Preparing meals to a large extent, begins with cutting or peeling. You must have two good quality knives and a peeler. You will not want to announce to the world that you cook food at home with cuts on your hands. So, get a cutting board as well and save your hands from knife cuts.

Frying pan

A frying pan is essential for shallow, stir fry or to sauté veggies.

Deep Pan/Pot

For making some sauces, curries, soups and for boiling some foods, you must buy a deep pan or pot.

Basic cutlery

You don’t have to lay an elaborate dinner table each day, so have a few plates, spoons, forks and knives along with some bowls to serve the food you cook. In addition to these you will need bigger spoons for stirring and frying

Kitchen towels, Wipes and Tissue paper

Once you finish the kitchen chores, you cannot leave a messy kitchen behind, since you have to use it again. So, keep some packs of kitchen towels, wipes and tissues to clean the mess.

Bottle, Can and Cork Opener

You would be getting a number of grocery items in cans or bottles. You cannot cook in the absence of openers.


Grater or shredder is an essential tool since you need to shred or grate meat, ginger, cheese, or vegetables.


It is a bowl shaped utensil to wash vegetables, fruits, meats, pasta or simply mixing the salads. Don’t buy it and know how useful this vessel is.

How to Get Yourself to Cook More at Home


Ever since I remember, cooking never excited me. Though I enjoy eating delicious cuisines, watching food shows and enjoy the gastronomy festivals, I never see myself on the other side of the shelf. I was happy sitting on this side of the kitchen shelf with my fork and knife ready to relish a cooked and served meal.

But two months back, I had this feeling that I had enough of purchased meals from eateries and restaurants. I want to eat something simple and easily digestible, that do not weigh on my pocket and on my body as well. I observed that my body is growing shapeless and is hard to control despite all my gym and exercise routines. So I decided to try my hands on home cooking at least two meals a day for me. Today, after one month since I began cooking in my kitchen, I can say that cooking is fun. I have gained a lot by saving money and cutting on my fats by eating right.

Here are some ways that will encourage you to cook more often at home

Cook together

Cooking together is very romantic as well as satisfying. If you are too busy to cook at home every day, then plan the weekends to eat home cooked food. You and your partner will fall in love all over again with this small kitchen ritual. You two can divide the responsibility of cooking meals at different times of day. This way each of you will save a lot of time with your different workplace timings.


Equip your kitchen

You don’t require some grand setting in your kitchen to cook everyday food. It requires some basic tools like one or two pans, one knife, few crockery and cutlery pieces, basic grocery items, few seasonal vegetables, fruits and some spices and herbs to flavor your food. You don’t need to stock, but you just need to be appropriately equipped for this nourishing chore.

Plan in advance

Cooking even a single meal a day, needs some basic ingredients. You must plan in advance so that you have all the things at your disposal for the dish you want to cook and enjoy. This will also ensure that you are able to cook the way you want to with a desired flavor of the dish. If the dish is ruined in dearth of even a single ingredient, you will be too discouraged to continue next time.

Schedule your day

The most common excuse of not cooking at home is lack of time. Time is less only for those who work on their own will without following a specific schedule. If you schedule your days, then you will find that you always have enough time to cook a simple but healthy meal at home.

Keep your kitchen clean

Very often an unclean or unorganized kitchen is a major reason to put you off from cooking at home. If you enter your kitchen with a determination, but you are unable to find the right pans or ingredients you will run away to your nearest restaurant to satiate your growing hunger. Moreover, cleaning your kitchen is as satisfying as cleaning your wardrobe or cabinet. When you keep everything in place in your kitchen, you will need a little time to cook a quick meal.

Get a cookbook

Cooking an appealing and tasty dish not at all rocket science. You can get an easy to follow cook book and recipes guide available in the market or online, complete with instructions and videos to guide you. These days the cookbook authors and chefs are sharing their secrets of good cooking using only a few easily available ingredients available in your kitchen. With such easily available help, you can no longer excuse yourself from cooking at home.