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Marco’s Great British Feast – Appetisers

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Well, what can I say about last night’s Marco’s Great British Feast?

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

Yep…Potted Shrimp, I understand why that could be classed as great British food, even the smoked eel, but grey squirrel pie? When was the last time you went out for pub lunch and said to the barman “the lady will have a fillet steak and I will have, let me see, oh yes I know, I will have the squirrel pie, it sounds delicious?” What culinary school is that from?

Even Marco Pierre White seemed to choke on his own food, he blamed it on some shot…em I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that. However, when it comes to black headed gulls eggs, at £4 each, I start to wonder if I am loosing my grip on reality.

Black headed gulls eggs, great British food? I am married with four children and I can imagine how gulls eggs would go down. Picture the scene:

Me : I’m going to cook for us all tonight.

Wife: That will be nice. What are we having?

Me : Double egg and chips.

Wife: Not exactly pushing the boat out are you.

Me : Arrgh, but these are special eggs.

Wife: Well at least the kids love egg and chips.

Me : I will do the shopping, but I will need some money.

Wife: How much do you want?

Me : Em…£1 for the potatoes and £48 for the eggs.

Wife: £48 for eggs? What are they, Gold?

Me : No black….well black headed gulls eggs actually.

Wife: Me and the kids are not eating bloody gulls eggs.

Me : But Marco Pierre White said they are delicious.

Wife: Well go marry him then.

Marco Pierre White is a great chef, but I cannot see him getting the country to eat gulls eggs. What do you think? Would gulls eggs or squirrel be something you would order?

As for the winning dish, I would have to say that the dinners at the Yew Tree Pub got it just about right. Smoked eel and potato salad with watercress, it looked absolutely delicious.

Tomorrow I will put up some of Marco Pierre White’s recipes that I have actually cooked myself. Believe me, when I tell you, cooking those dishes proved I am no Marco Pierre White.

Anyway, for now thank you for reading Marco’s Great British Feast. I will talk to you all again tomorrow.

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