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Marco’s Great British Feast – The Starter

Recipes are just recipes, until combined with the ingredients and the skill of the cook such as Marco Pierre White, then, and only the do great recipes become great dishes.

Marco’s Great British Feast – People that are not interested or involved in

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

food, do not understand the passion that can be stirred In food lovers. When it comes to debates about the best restaurants, the greatest dishes, recipes, or who is the best chef, things can get heated. Even programs like Marco’s Great British Feast have the capacity to raise the blood pressure a notch or two.

As you can imagine I receive a lot of emails. Usually these emails are

just one or two lines, and are generally in praise of Marco and the show.

However, sometimes someone takes the time to express a different view.

The Starter – Below is an email I received that takes a different stance

on Marco’s Great British Feast. I have also posted the replies. I am

hoping this will be the start of a debate on this site. So read the emails

and let me know what you think in the comment section.

NB – What follows is exactly what was received, so E&OE

From: Simon Golding

What a tryhard this guy is!

I watched his show last night as he quiet happily walked around a

supermarket acting in a superior manor, telling people how to smell fruit?

Learnt that when I was five.

Then he served smoked frozen eel in his pub that he was so unhappy with and threw a hissy like a four year old child. But he still served it? And then

threw another mood when people actually told him the truth about his food.

As he is going on and on about how he is going to conquer the great british

dishes then you would think he would have actually smoked his own eel.And if he was any sort of decent chef he would have had a back up.

As for the eggs with mayonaise. Such a hard dish Ooooh , HARDLY !

I am not a so called professional chef but I do cook alot and eat in some of

the best retaurants around the world but I honestly think I could give this

guy a run for his money without the stupid comments. O yeah and I loved the these comments by the way.

Have some respect ! You dont know who I am ! I control myself VERY well !

Is he planning on whipping some ass?

Just as the pissed guy in a pub tells you how he is the worlds best street

fighter it tends to be the same with chefs. The ones telling people how they

reduced ramsey to tears(probably from laughter), who has eaten in his

restaurants(true sign of a tryhard) and claiming he is the saviour of

british food and making all the noise tend to be full of crap.

He should really pull his caveman head out of his arse perhaps?

What a loser.

My Reply

Hi Simon,

Wow, what can I say? Reading between the lines I take it you are not his

biggest fan, lol.

This is one of the best emails I have had on the subject of Marco. With

your permission I would like to publish it on the site, to see if it stirs

up some debate. As you can imagine most people tow the party line.

P.S sorry for the delay in replying to you but as you can imagine I made a

rod for my own back when I took on the running of this site.

All The Best


Simons Reply

Hi John

I didn’t actually expect a response but I would be very happy if you put

this on the site.

I am somewhat surprised as well that you have not been bombarded with emails like this as he does carry on like a tool a fair bit.

I guess I am just used to bigger variety of much fresher ingredients from

what I would consider quiet achieving long standing world class chefs such

as Tetsuya, Neil perry, Matt Maran etc. Not to mention the hundreds of

others who wait for their next El Bulli book to come out so they can add an

asian fusion twist too it.

Being from Sydney I find the food here(UK) is overhyped by the likes of

Marco a well as dissapointing and WAY overpriced. I would like to be proven

wrong but everytime I go to the go to the so called best of London ,

Manchester etc I am never blown away.

I would rather eat at a Bankok street stall than at Marco’s pub as the

food is better and at least I know the eel would be fresh.

Please send my regards to Marco and if he likes I could give him some advice on fresh seafood as I could imagine he would love that.

Simon Golding

Below this post is the comment link please click it and let everyone know what you think.

Remember; food, recipes, GM crops, organic vs non-organic, local producers vs mass produced, are all subjects that raise debate. Marco’s Great British Feast and Marco Pierre White now seem to be stirring up food lovers as well, so have your say and leave a comment below.

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