How to Get Yourself to Cook More at Home


Ever since I remember, cooking never excited me. Though I enjoy eating delicious cuisines, watching food shows and enjoy the gastronomy festivals, I never see myself on the other side of the shelf. I was happy sitting on this side of the kitchen shelf with my fork and knife ready to relish a cooked and served meal.

But two months back, I had this feeling that I had enough of purchased meals from eateries and restaurants. I want to eat something simple and easily digestible, that do not weigh on my pocket and on my body as well. I observed that my body is growing shapeless and is hard to control despite all my gym and exercise routines. So I decided to try my hands on home cooking at least two meals a day for me. Today, after one month since I began cooking in my kitchen, I can say that cooking is fun. I have gained a lot by saving money and cutting on my fats by eating right.

Here are some ways that will encourage you to cook more often at home

Cook together

Cooking together is very romantic as well as satisfying. If you are too busy to cook at home every day, then plan the weekends to eat home cooked food. You and your partner will fall in love all over again with this small kitchen ritual. You two can divide the responsibility of cooking meals at different times of day. This way each of you will save a lot of time with your different workplace timings.


Equip your kitchen

You don’t require some grand setting in your kitchen to cook everyday food. It requires some basic tools like one or two pans, one knife, few crockery and cutlery pieces, basic grocery items, few seasonal vegetables, fruits and some spices and herbs to flavor your food. You don’t need to stock, but you just need to be appropriately equipped for this nourishing chore.

Plan in advance

Cooking even a single meal a day, needs some basic ingredients. You must plan in advance so that you have all the things at your disposal for the dish you want to cook and enjoy. This will also ensure that you are able to cook the way you want to with a desired flavor of the dish. If the dish is ruined in dearth of even a single ingredient, you will be too discouraged to continue next time.

Schedule your day

The most common excuse of not cooking at home is lack of time. Time is less only for those who work on their own will without following a specific schedule. If you schedule your days, then you will find that you always have enough time to cook a simple but healthy meal at home.

Keep your kitchen clean

Very often an unclean or unorganized kitchen is a major reason to put you off from cooking at home. If you enter your kitchen with a determination, but you are unable to find the right pans or ingredients you will run away to your nearest restaurant to satiate your growing hunger. Moreover, cleaning your kitchen is as satisfying as cleaning your wardrobe or cabinet. When you keep everything in place in your kitchen, you will need a little time to cook a quick meal.

Get a cookbook

Cooking an appealing and tasty dish not at all rocket science. You can get an easy to follow cook book and recipes guide available in the market or online, complete with instructions and videos to guide you. These days the cookbook authors and chefs are sharing their secrets of good cooking using only a few easily available ingredients available in your kitchen. With such easily available help, you can no longer excuse yourself from cooking at home.

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