Marco’s Great British Feast – Second Show

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Marco’s Great British Feast – The Starter

Marco’s Great British Feast seems to have a few people getting a little

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

hot under the collar. The reason? Well, some city dwellers, seem to think that their ready made, Marks & Spencer venison meal, is prepared without killing any thing.

Those poor people. There they were, sitting there with their meal for one balancing on their knees, watching that jolly nice Italian chap Marco Pierre White, when horror of horrors he goes and shoots Bambi’s long lost cousin.

I had a vision of them perched on the edge of their sofa, clutching their plate, white knuckled, as the shot rang out, then breathing a sigh of relief as the deer ran off. Imagine their reaction when the deer dropped dead after running a hundred yards. An abundance of smelling salts would have been used, and Google would have been inundated with searches for; ‘How to get veal jus off of soft furnishings’.

There has been more heated debates over whether the makers of Marco’s Great British Feast should be allowed to shoot the poor bunnies and Bambi’s, than there has been over the choice of dishes.

Smoking is another area in which people seem to be working themselves into a lather. What are they moaning about? Do they think Marc Pierre White, one of the worlds greatest chefs, stands over the stove with a cigarette dangling from his mouth? All I have heard this week is a chef of Marco Pierre White stature should not smoke. Why not? Its not as if a chef has to know how to cook and be able to run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds. Who better to learn to cook from that this great chef?

Where Do You Stand On The Shooting And Smoking Issue?

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Technical Problems

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5 Responses to “Marco’s Great British Feast – Second Show”

  1. Barry Forbes 0 at


    I watched the show last night and thought that it was excellent.
    Being a keen shot myself I thought the way in which Game Shooting was protrayed was great.
    I’m always looking to try all sorts of ways of preparing and presenting game to other people who are not into the sport and all three of those starters had my mouth watering.



  2. As long as the ashes stay out of my food he can smoke whatever he wants.

    Next time he needs to take better aim!


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