Marco’s Great British Feast – The First Show

Recipes, how to cook, what recipes to cook, are the things that cooks dream about and the greatest British cook of all time, is no different.

Marco’s Great British Feast, the latest cooking show, started its run last night, what did you think of the recipes? From what we have heard, the recipes are going to get a lot stranger.

Whether this program is going to be a hit or miss is yet to be seen. However, we believe it is going to be a great success and the source of much debate.

The big question is what do you think recipes? Did you like the format of the show? What did you think of the dishes chosen? The bottom of the page you will find a comment box, please feel free to let me know your thoughts on the show.

So lets dive straight in and deal with, what I am sure will be, the hot topic from last nights show, not the recipes, but the shooting of rabbits and a deer. Chef Pierre White is a keen angler and hunter, and as he said, everything he shot was used in the dishes he cooked, but do you think it was right to show it on TV?

Leaving the hunting and the recipes aside show was fairly uncontentious, which given his past performance is quite remarkable. Lets face it, Pierre White is well known for his temper, and for his no nonsense approach to customers, where was that last night?

He did have a bit to say about one food historian, but there was no shouting or throwing of little historians. Maybe in future week’s unhappy diners will find themselves sitting on their backsides in the car park, if they dare to criticise the great man.

So, what did we learn him last night? Well, we know he likes to hunt and shoot, all with a cigarette in his mouth, as for his hair is as unpredictable as his temper. The main thing that I learned (and was surprised at) was how unpretentious his approach to food was. I mean using a stock cube; most chiefs would gasp in horror at the mere thought of using one. Then we have the three chosen main courses.

Rabbit Stock Pot
Fish Pie
Spiced Belly Of Pork

The Fish pie won the vote and will now appear on the banquette menu, but what did you think of the recipe?. Would you have chosen those dishes? Are they really a reflection of great British food? Let me know in the comments box below.

Watch out for Marco Pierre White in the next episode – Show 2

Would you like to know how to cook the recipes from the show? A recipe book of the dishes on the show will available now. In all the are over 100 recipes. Marco’s Great British Feast – The First Show

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5 Responses to “Marco’s Great British Feast – The First Show”

  1. Paul Gerrard 0 at

    Loved the show, the format, the delivery & content.
    As a smoking, drinking food lover myself – Marco delivers where GR fails miserably!

    Biggest let down is this site – logged on only to get the genius’s recipes!!!
    C’mon guys – print the gospel for us lesser mortals!

  2. shelley 0 at

    watched the first show last week & absolutely loved it! marco is very charismatic & cooks in a way that makes you want to join in & try the dishes too,the spiced pork & fish pie looked absolutely delicious,I was’nt too keen on the rabbit though,probably because my dad used to shoot & make us eat loads when I was a kid & its put me off for life!.
    I think the format of the show is good – coming from generations of farmers myself its about time people saw where their food really comes from & how to choose qaulity & freshness over cheap plastic wrapped cuts sitting on a supermarket shelf,therefore I think it was right to show the deer & rabbits being shot because after all animals have to die in order for us to eat them & if people cant stomach this then they should’nt eat meat! I thought though that Marco had respect for that which he hunted & that is a very important message to get across, he made a point of saying that you only hunt that which you need to eat – never just for pleasure of killing & I applaud him for it.I will happily tune in to the rest of the series as its fantastic,very entertaining to watch & great food being cooked I would like to see however links somewhere so the viewers can cook the recipes shown themselves that would be the cherry on the cake – keep it up Marco surely this will be a tv hit


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