Marco’s Great British Feast – Recipe

Recipes from this show will soon be available in a recipe book. However I can bet you will not want cook every recipe.

Marco Pierre White will be looking for new dishes and recipes when his

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

new series starts on Wednesday 2nd July at 9pm on ITV 1. After Marco Pierre White’s runaway success of Kitchen Nightmares the hopes are that this show will be equally as entertaining.

Marco Pierre White’s cooking talent has never been in question, but will that be enough to turn this new show a winner? My gut feeling is that it will.

Over the coming weeks we will be reviewing each instalment and discussing what comes up, knowing Marco there will be plenty to talk about. Lets face it Marco Pierre White is not one of life’s shrinking violets.

I hope everyone reading this site joins in the discussion, feel free to leave a comment or start a debate.

Thanks for reading Marco’s Great British Feast - See you all again on Thursday when we will be discussing the recipes on the first show.

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One Response to “Marco’s Great British Feast – Recipe”

  1. gerry sweeney 0 at

    Marco speaks with grace and passion.He makes you feel you are with him tasting those heart warming dishes.EXCELLENT