Weight Loss Program

Is this a weight loss program? A diet program? Or even a program about
Marco Pierre White

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

To get all the recipies from the show just click the picture

weight loss surgery? Most of you will know that the answer to this question is no. So why have I received four emails, from people basically complaining, that Marco is not cooking enough healthy options, for people on diets.

It never ceases to amaze me what people will complain about. When did ITV, the makers of Marco’s Great British Feast, say that this program would appeal to people on a weight loss program? At the end of the day, this show is a celebration of great British food, you might not agree with the dishes chosen, but you have to admit that it is highlighting the fantastic produce we have in this country.

I know that most of you tune into the show to see great dishes created by this remarkable chef. The fact we get to see how the food on the plate gets there is a bonus. I don’t think that Marco showing us 101 things to do with a stick of celery would be quite the same thing.

I understand that if you are on some kind of weight loss program, watching this show might be a form of torture. I can even see that trying to loose weight might make some people a bit cranky, but to complain about the show seems a little bit excessive.

If I have received four complaints from frustrated slimmers, can you imagine how many ITV have had? My advice for all of you on weight loss programs is to forget the diet until the show is finished, pull up a fish pie, two potted shrimp, and a big plate of spiced belly pork, watch the show, and start the diet next week.